5:00pm Opening Night Feature: The Future Ahead (El Futuro Que Viene)

Director: Constanza Novick
Origin: Argentina
Chicago Premiere
Description: The Future Ahead is an emotional journey to the intimacy of a friendship. From first love to first divorce, Romina and Flor go through different stages of their life together. Falling out and reconciling, they experience and put into question the essence of friendship between women.

This film is subtitled in English. ASL interpreters will be available for the introduction of the film and during the opening night reception.

Watch the Trailer Here!!!

7:00pm: Opening Night Reception with Food and Beverage

Sponsored by Eleven04 Productions

8:15pm Shorts Program: Philip K. Vagina: Women in Science Fiction

Wish You Were Here (2 min)
Director: R Lin
Origin: USA
Description: Stella the Moon Rabbit gets a postcard from her girlfriend on Earth, which sparks her to go for a visit!

Director R Lin will be available for post-screening Q&A.

National Anthem (9 min)
Director: Hamza Jeetooa
Origin: United Kingdom
USA Premiere
Description: National Anthem is set in a fictional world, hauntingly parallel to our own. The nation is overpopulated due to a growing number of immigrants and longer-life spans. In this world, the Nation’s immigrants work as caregivers for the elderly. Today, the Government is rolling out a brutal new Citizenship Test which guarantees to eliminate half of the migrant and elderly populations. We follow Tulsi as she finds out what Border Control have in store for her, and what she is required to do give her family a chance of a better life.

Learn More About the Film Here!

Nova (7 min)
Director: Wenhwa Ts’ao
Origin: USA
USA Premiere
Description: Jin, an ailing old geneticist and biochemist, created Nova to serve his personal needs, a daughter to love him.

Director Wenhwa Ts’ao, Professor and Associate Chair of Cinema and Television Arts at Columbia College Chicago,  will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Real Artists (12 min)
Director:  Cameo Wood
Origin: USA
Description: Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream interview at the world-famous Semaphore Animation Studios — who’d have thought a fan edit of one of their hit films could land her a shot at a job? But when she meets mysterious executive Anne Palladon, she soon learns all is not as she expects behind the curtain. Every instinct Sophia has ever had about art in filmmaking is about to be challenged.

Bride of Frankie (19 min)
Director:  Devi Snively
Origin: USA
Description: In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor’s lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.

Production Designer Alaina Moore, Actress Rachel Sledd, Actress Jessica Ridenour, and Director of Photography Claire Bruce will be available for post-screening Q&A.

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Unspoken Code (25 min)
Director: Jennifer Schwerin
Origin: China/USA
World Premiere
Description: Rhonda, a female robot, finds herself caught between developing her own AI to its full potential and her coding, which programs her to please, with devastating consequences. Designed for the most sophisticated tasks, she aspires to develop past expectations, but is thwarted by Louie, her human host, who pushes her buttons.

Watch the Trailer Here!