1:30pm Shorts Program: Wish You Were Here

Mocha (1 min)
Director: Kirstie Mattheis
Origin: USA
Description: What would otherwise be a simple text for most people becomes an over dramatic and extensive voicemail left by a charming yet slightly neurotic best friend.

La Hoyada (15 min)
Director: Roberto Flores
Origin: Peru
Chicago Premiere
Description: Between 1980 and the year 2000, Peru lived through the most extreme period of violence in its history. As a result, nearly 69, 000 Peruvians went missing or were killed. The region of Ayacucho was the most affected. Since 2005 a group of women from Ayacucho has been struggling for the building of a Memorial Sanctuary in La Hoyada, the place where the army built small furnaces to incinerate the bodies of people who suffered extrajudicial executions, becoming a symbol of extreme violence and impunity.

Watch the Trailer Here!

Me Too (16 min)
Director: Sonia Sebastián
Origin: Spain
USA Premiere
Description: Lina has been diagnosed with hepatitis. Following the instructions of her doctor, she must contact her past sexual partners so they can get tested for the infection.

Director Sonia Sebastián will be available for post-screening Q&A.

The Little One (10 min)
Director: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Origin: Czech Republic
USA Premiere
Description: A Vietnamese girl grows up in a European town. As she gets used to what it means to be strange and at home at the same time, her family inevitably heads towards a fatal decision. Who will leave – who will stay? Whose home is where?

Director Diana Cam Van Nguyen will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Watch the Trailer Here!

Apnea (11 min)
Director: Marion Foucher
Origin: Mexico
Description: When Paloma gets pregnant by her lover, she has to decide if she leaves her stifling life and her 10-year-old daughter behind.

House of Teeth (26 min)
Director: Susanna Styron
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: After 28 years of marriage, Lucy and Greg Barrow have decided to call it quits, and Greg moves out. Lucy whipsaws from tears to laughter and back again, until her 26-year-old daughter, Charlotte, comes to visit. On her second day there, the mail brings a package from Greg, returning a matchbox filled with Charlotte’s baby teeth. Lucy and Charlotte respond to the unnerving gesture by getting stoned and discussing the myth of the Tooth Fairy, among other of life’s dashed expectations. When Charlotte decides her mother needs to “get back in the game” and takes steps to make it happen, Lucy comes up against the limitations – and liberation – of life on her own.

Watch the Trailer Here!

3:30pm Shorts Program: Man in the Middle

The Scary Ham (15 min)
Director: Sue Mroz
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: Two middle-aged sisters, sorting through 50 years’ worth of family memorabilia reconnect as they contend with their late father’s beloved ham.

Director Sue Mroz and Producer Carolina Posse, both faculty at Columbia College, will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Scrap Dolls (13 min)
Director: Aude Cuenod
Origin: USA
Description: On the east side of Detroit, an 11-year-old boy, grieving over the loss of his best friend, encounters an artist who makes art out of abandoned objects.

Watch the Trailer:

Rockabye (12 min)
Director: David Bradburn
Origin: USA
Description: John’s wife is killed in a car accident. He is trying to hold his family together by the skin of his teeth in a society that does not appreciate single parents. Join us on a journey of love, loss, grief, and moving forward. 

Writer and Actor Sean Patrick Leonard, a Columbia College alumnus, will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Watch the Trailer Here!

The Gravedigger's Daughter (17 min)
Director: Shira Gabay
Origin: Israel
Description: Esther’s father was a gravedigger who in his last will and testament left only one significant request: that one of his sons continue with his profession. None of his sons have the slightest interest in doing so. Esther is the only daughter in this traditional ‘Sephardic’ North African home, and embarks upon a struggle to carry on her father’s legacy of humility and kindness over the objections of her family and community. A feminist film with a sprinkling of graveyard humor.

Watch the Trailer:

The Brewer (30 min)
Director: Jiajing Bao
Origin: China/Taiwan
Description: Some people only get drunk once, but the drunkenness lasts for a lifetimeA romantic comedy across geography and age.

Watch the Trailer Here!

5:30pm Networking Panel: From College to Career

Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Filmmaker, Former Executive Director, IFP-Chicago
Shayna Connelly, Filmmaker and Assistant Professor, School of Cinematic Arts, DePaul University
Danielle Garnier, Garnier Public Relations

Nicole Bernardi-Reis has produced television series and films for a wide range of broadcast outlets including PBS, America Reframed, CBC, A&E, E!/Style, HGTV, DIY, and the Science Channel. Feature documentaries include Michael Caplan’s Algren and Rebecca Parrish’s Radical Grace, which screened in over 30 countries and was called “Exhilarating…among the year’s best films” by RogerEbert.com. In addition to being Executive Director for IFP-Chicago, a 30-year-old organization dedicated to developing, supporting and advocating for independent filmmakers in Chicago and across the Midwest, Nicole has taken numerous film and television projects from development to delivery and serves as a consultant for filmmakers as they launch their own films.

Named one of Chicago’s 50 Screen Gems of 2016 by Newcity Magazine, and an alumni of Columbia College Chicago’s MFA program, filmmaker Shayna Connelly explores hauntings, liminality, and the boundaries between documentary, experimental, and fiction filmmaking. Her video work has screened internationally at galleries and her recent films on ghosts have screened at IC Docs, Chicago Underground, Sunderland Shorts, Big Muddy, Columbus International, Sydney Underground, Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Chicago Feminist Film Festival, and Athens International – among many others.

Danielle Garnier has decades of experience promoting and publicizing over 300 nationally released home entertainment products and has led national publicity and promotional campaigns for a variety of international and independent films for theatrical releases since 1994. Garnier formerly worked in publicity and marketing for Manga Entertainment Inc. and helped launched Palm Pictures into the DVD marketplace. She oversaw PR activities for Ghost in the Shell, the biggest Japanese animated feature film to play in American movie theaters at that time, which became the first Japanese animated movie to reach Billboard magazine and turned into a franchise with two additional movie sequels and a TV series. Danielle Garnier has a B.A. in Arts, Entertainment, Media, Management and Production from Columbia College Chicago.

6:45pm Feature Film: Women Who Run Hollywood

Opening Short Film: Woman with an Editing Bench (15 min)
Director: Karen Pearlman
Origin: Australia
Chicago Premiere
Description: Inspired by a true story, this film pays homage to the creativity of Elizaveta Svilova – the unsung editor behind Dziga Vertov’s 1929 documentary masterpiece “Man with a Movie Camera” (No 1 on the “Sight and Sound” list of Best Documentaries of all time). It uses her revolutionary editing techniques to reveal her thoughts and recuperate her legacy in the history of film.

Watch the Trailer Here!

Feature Film: Women Who Run Hollywood (52 min)
Director: Julia Kuperberg and Clara Kuperberg
Origin: France
Description: The first talkie was directed by Alice Guy. The first color film was produced by Lois Weber, who directed more than 300 films over 10 years. Frances Marion wrote screenplays for the Hollywood star Mary Pickford, and won two Oscars. Dorothy Arzner was the most powerful film director in Hollywood. And what do all of them have in common? They are all women, and they have all been forgotten. Incredibly, it also took until 2010 for the first woman, Kathryn Bigelow, to win the Oscar for Best Director. Even if underrepresented, women have always played a big part in Hollywood, and it is this part of the film history left untold that this documentary sets out to uncover.

Documentary Film Subject and Film Historian Ally Acker, author of Reel Women: Pioneers of the Cinema, will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Copies of Reel Women: Pioneers of the Cinema, volumes 1 and 2, can be purchased on Amazon Here (volume 1) and Here (volume 2)!

Watch the Trailer for Women Who Run Hollywood Here!

8:15pm Shorts Program: Anatomies of Choice

*Please be advised that a film in this program depicts sexual violence.*

Web Series: Ctrl Alt Del (9 min)
Director: Margaret Katch and Roni Geva
Origin: USA
Description: Character anthology web series set in an abortion clinic. It’s a comedy! Based on real interviews, created by women, shot by women, with an all-woman crew.

Director Roni Geva will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Falling Stars (6 min)
Director: Emily Harmon
Origin: USA
World Premiere
Description: A 15-year old’s choice between protecting her sister, or keeping her trust.

Director Emily Harmon, current Columbia College MFA student, and Producer Dashawna Wright will be available for post-screening Q&A.

What Happened to Her (15 min)
Director: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
Origin: USA
Description: WHAT HAPPENED TO HER is a forensic exploration of our cultural obsession with images of the dead woman on screen. Interspersing found footage from films and police procedural television shows and one actor’s experience of playing the part of a corpse, the film offers a meditative critique on the trope of the dead female body.

Watch the Trailer Here!

April 6th (25 min)
Director: Sigrid Kolbjørnsen
Origin: Norway
Description: April 6th starts out as a typical “boy meets girl” movie. The exchange student Thea is studying law in Bergen, and one day she is invited to a party with her classmate Thomas. She attends with her friend Emma, and eventually gets so drunk that she falls asleep. As the screen turns black the story starts over again, but this time from Thomas’ perspective. We follow him through the same day, and when we arrive at the moment we left Thea, the two stories melt together.

Director Sigrid Kolbjørnsen and Actress Renate Hellerud will be available for post-screening Q&A.

62 Days (29 min)
Director: Rebecca Haimowitz
Origin: USA
Description: The title of this powerful documentary film refers to the number of days Marlise Muñoz was kept on life support against her and her family’s wishes – because she was pregnant.

Watch Trailer:

Afton Brown of Fort Worth shows her support for the Munoz family outside the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, Friday, January 24, 2014, in Fort Worth, Texas after a judge ruled in Marlise Munoz life or death case. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)

Photo of Marlise and her husband Erick