2:15pm Shorts Program: Stops Along the Way

The films in this shorts program are subtitled in English. ASL interpreters will be available for the introduction and post-screening Q&A with filmmakers.

Have a Lice Life (2 min)
Directors: Heidi Arjuna and Jasmine Hart
Origin: USA
Description: Mr. Lice has an interesting day in his hairy home. An animated film that will make you laugh out loud!

Director Jasmine Hart, Columbia College Chicago alumnus, will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Sell Your Body (11 min)
Director: Jaanelle Yee
Origin: USA
Description: A millennial horror story about student debt, dating apps, and a threesome gone terribly wrong.

Director Jaanelle Yee will be available for post-screening Q&A.

NOise (8 min)
Director: Connery McDowell
Origin: USA
Description: NOise is a documentary about the life of Sarah Miller in the city of Chicago and her perspective as a Deaf person living in such a loud environment.

Producer and Editor Luana Borges and Documentary Subject Sarah Miller will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Cages (18 min)
Director: Gabriela Santos Alves
Origin: Brazil
USA Premiere
Description: The final months of pregnancy and the first few months after the birth of a baby are unique experiences in a woman’s life. But when these months are lived inside a penitentiary?

Director Gabriela Santos Alves will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Watch Trailer Here!

I'm Not Sure Today (15 min)
Director: Siraya Saicheua
Origin: Thailand
USA Premiere
Description: An anxiety ridden woman is about to attend her ex’s wedding, but becomes caught up in her own fears of being incomplete. She shares a moment of doubt and uncertainty about her undetermined future with her friend.

The Winkles (24 min)
Director: Alice Vial
Origin: France
Chicago Premiere
Description: Zoé, age 30, works with her father, Guy, at his bar. Since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out by taking everything into her own hands. One morning, Zoé starts suffering from dizziness and nausea, which begins to disrupt her daily life.

Watch Trailer Here!

4:15pm Shorts Program: Ghostly Matters

way home (6min)
Director: Lynx Sainte-Marie
Origin: Canada
USA Premiere
Description: way home is an atmospheric visual and auditory landscape through which the artist shares deeply resonant poetry woven from love, pain and longing. As we travel with the artist, we are brought on a revealing journey with tender memories of play, grief, abandonment, resilience and various other dissonant emotions the concept of home can invoke for Black folks in the diaspora.

See Trailer and learn more about the film Here!

Roj Means Sun (18 min)
Director: Mahsa Razavi
Origin: Canada/Iran
USA Premiere
Description: Rojin, a Kurdish- Canadian girl battles both her mother and her mother tongue, as she grieves the recent death of her father, killed in a battle in the Shingal Mountains, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Director Mahsa Razavi will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Watch Trailer:

ANGELAAA (8 min)
Director: Shannon McInnis
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: The morning of her mother’s funeral, Angela still can’t find the words for the eulogy. She receives help from some unexpected furry friends in this original musical film.

Director Shannon McInnis will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Lingua Absentia (10 min)
Directors: Kate Raney and Jeremy Bessof
Origin: USA
Description: A mother helps her schizophrenic daughter Abby through severe cancer treatment. Simplified cut-paper animation versions of the world implode into colorful blotches where teeth fall from the sky, and faces peel apart as Abby’s mental illness overwhelms her ability to comprehend what’s happening to her.

Directors Kate Raney and Jeremy Bessof will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Watch Trailer:

Quiver (14 min)
Director: Shayna Connelly
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being. She courts this ghost, using intellect and desire to forge a union between them. Quiver melds horror and passion with Virginia Woolf’s idea of a woman requiring a ‘room of her own’ in which to uncover her true identity. Can Suzanne force a rift into the supernatural realm to build a space where she can coexist with what haunts her?

Director Shayna Connelly, faculty at DePaul University, and Actress Meg Elliot will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Watch Trailer:

Kerloster (25 min)
Director: Ombeline de la Gournerie
Origin: France
USA Premiere
Description: A fifteen year old boy, Baptiste, lives in a village of Brittany with his older sister and brother since their parents’ death. He spends his day working with a local cow farmer, Jean-Yves. Known for his talents as a sorcerer, he one day receives the visit of a young girl who asks him to wish a person to death.

6:15pm Shorts Program: Sheroes

Marilyn's Lib (8 min)
Director: Katya O’Brien
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: A short documentary about Marilyn, a vigorous 80-year old lady, a former feminist reporter for Newsday, who pursued a class-action lawsuit against her newspaper and won equal pay for women.

A Woman Apart (5 min)
Director: Mary K. Omelina
Origin: USA
Description: A Woman Apart is a short stop motion animated film about a woman in a small, tight-knit village facing what is to be the last morning of her life. She knows that she can save herself. But at what cost?

Director Mary K. Omelina will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Girl in the Blue Bra (13 min)
Director: Ayesha Abouelazm
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: During the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Amira, an idealistic young woman passionate about the future of her country encounters Ahmed, an out of uniform police officer at the local market. The two begin to argue over the revolution, with neither able to sway the other’s views. As local political passions escalate and activists take to the streets, Ahmed is sent to quiet the protestors and Amira is compelled to join the protestors on the streets. Due to passionate ideals, both Amira and Ahmed lose sight of humanity in their quest for a better Egypt.

Director Ayesha Abouelazm, a Columbia College Chicago alumnus, will be available for post-screening Q&A.

Learn more about the film Here!

Night Shift (15 min)
Director: Izaskun Arandia
Origin: Spain
Chicago Premiere
Description: Mery, an undocumented South-American immigrant in Europe, has left her two children in her home country, and is currently working as a cleaner at an old theatre. During one of her night shifts, she discovers the main actress’ dressing-room. And for a few minutes she enters a magical and comforting new world.

Learn more about the film Here!

Listen (13 min)
Director: Min Min Hein
Origin: Myanmar/USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: Listen is a documentary portrait of revolutionary artist Chaw Ei Then. Exiled from her homeland of Myanmar, she uses visually striking and emotionally unsettling performance art and artwork as a means of dissent, both to express her political views and to give voice to her victimized experience and inner struggles.

Learn more about the film and watch trailer Here!

Surviving International Boulevard: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking (22 min)
Director: Sian Taylor Gowan
Origin: USA
Chicago Premiere
Description: Surviving International Boulevard reveals the complex reality of domestic child sex trafficking through the experiences of two local women from Oakland, California. Driving along International Boulevard’s dark streets, a mother recounts her own wild determination to rescue her 15-year-old daughter from a sex trafficker ‘boyfriend’. Switching to daylight, a nonprofit advocate and survivor of sexual exploitation shares her extensive experience getting young victims the help they so desperately need.

Director Sian Taylor Gowan will be available for post-screening Q & A.

Watch Trailer:

8:00pm Closing Night Feature: Zero Weeks

Director: Ky Dickens
Origin: USA
“Sneak Peek” Screening
Description: Most Americans agree that family comes first, but we are the only developed country without paid leave. In one of the richest nations in the world, having a baby, a medical emergency or an aging parent can be a trigger into poverty. Weaving powerful personal stories with insightful interviews, ZERO WEEKS, explores America’s paid leave crisis and the cost of doing nothing. ZERO WEEKS is the fourth film by award-winning director, Ky Dickens,
a female director with a track record of using her work to shift public opinion.

Director Ky Dickens, Producer Alexis Jaworski, and Film Subject Ellen Bravo, director of Family Values @ Work Consortium, will be available for post-screening Q & A.

Watch Trailer Here!
Learn More About the Film Here!

Zero Weeks Director Ky Dickens

10:00pm Closing Night Party

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