4:15pm Feature Film: The Fits

Filmmaker: Anna Rose Holmer
Origin: USA/Italy
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: The Fits is a psychological portrait of 11-year old Toni – a tomboy assimilating to a tight-knit dance team in Cincinnati’s West End. Enamored by the power and confidence of this strong community of girls, Toni eagerly absorbs routines, masters drills, and even pierces her own ears to fit in. When a mysterious outbreak of fainting spells plagues the team, Toni’s desire for acceptance is twisted.
View Trailer: www.TheFitsFilm.com

Filmmaker Anna Rose Holmer will be available for a post-screening Q & A.

6:00pm: Opening Night Reception with Food and Beverage

6:45pm Shorts Program #1: Bodies, Rest, and Motion

The Wake (20 min)
Filmmaker: Oonagh Kearney
Origin: Ireland
Premier Status: World Premiere
Description: In Ireland, women are silenced in the courts, the health-care system, the church, and on the national stage. But this silencing also happens at home, in the house, in the body. What happens when we are not allowed to tell our stories? This alluring film uses dance and movement to reflect how our lives become inaccessible, irrelevant, and dreamless if we cannot share and hear stories that reflect our bodies.


Possession (3 min)
Filmmaker: Carolina Mulvey-Videla
Origin: Chile
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: An exploration into the movement of women in cinema, Possession plays with editing to draw out action and sounds while bringing into question the fetishism of the female form in cinema and the anxieties that come along with it. The film contains appropriated footage from the film Possession directed by Andrzej Żuławski.

Filmmaker Carolina Mulvey-Videla will be available for a post-screening Q&A.

Son Du Serpent (11 min)
Filmmaker: Tami Ravid
Origin: Netherlands
Description: In this dance film, an African man feverishly looks for his wife who has vanished without a trace. His ramble, partly taking place in a supernatural reality, unfolds like a road movie. All the time, the man’s longing for his darling is undiminished. Torn between the modern and the traditional African life, he wonders if he may have lost his dearest to an invisible world.

Unknown-2 (1)

Walk (7 min)
Filmmaker: Billu Paul
Origin: India
Premier Status: World Premiere
Description: Featuring beautiful cinematography, Walk portrays a woman who dares to step outside and taste freedom in her own way.

walk 1

Bound (7 min)
Filmmaker: Monica Thomas
Origin: USA
Description: In Bound, a dance film triptych, three dancers explore unique physical relationships to books as objects, leaving it up to the audience to see what metaphors emerge.

Filmmaker Monica Thomas will be available for a post-screening Q&A.


Untold (29 min)
Filmmaker: David and Leah Zeiger
Origin: USA
Description: When she was fifteen, Leah fell in love. What began as a sweet teenage dream quickly spiraled into an endless nightmare of abuse and terror for her and her family. In the midst of a deep depression, Leah created a dance that beautifully depicted her harrowing story. Three years later, Leah and her father David sat down to tell each other the tale of their shared nightmare. Laying bare deeply personal hidden truths, this film reveals an epidemic that lies hidden in the shadows of teenage life in America.

Film subject Leah Zeiger is a student at Columbia College Chicago, and will be available for a post-screening Q&A.


8:45pm Shorts Program #2: “Early Bird” Midnight Special

Quarter-Twenty (3 min)
Filmmaker: Eduardo Colgan
Origin: Brazil
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description: Four friends, twenty boxes of cannabis, and only one desire: revenge! These transwomen know how to deal with an abusive man!


Daydreams of Wilderness (14 min)
Filmmaker: Amaya Han
Origin: Philippines
Description: Struck with anthropophobia, the fear of people, Joy Love is only friends with Chickie, a talking eagle stuffed toy. As Joy Love’s birthday approaches, Chickie plans to surprise her, leading to the revelation of their secrets.

Daydreams of Wilderness

The Lunch Break (18 min)
Filmmaker: Lin Pin-Chun
Origin: Taiwan
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description:  A new teacher, Yong Hsuian, is put in charge of Qian Qian, an autistic female student who always bites people around her. While still familiarizing herself with the new class, Yong Hsuian discovers Qian Qian is being sexually abused. This unsettling story was inspired by an incident that happened in southern Taiwan.


Nocturnal Butterfly (5 min)
Filmmaker: Annika Dahlsten
Origin: Finland
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: In Ancient Greek, the word psykhe means both butterfly, breath, and soul. In this darkly beautiful film, the main character is a butterfly, representing all feminine attributes in a dichotomic sense, with a foretold destiny. Yet, the butterfly chooses her own life path, against all odds.
Jazzy@32 (A True Story) (8 min)
Filmmaker: Kara Mulrooney
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Jazzy@32 explores the aesthetic, emotional, and commercial elements of online psychic readings as well as the fright of a woman facing her child-bearing years.

Filmmaker Kara Mulrooney will be available for a post-screening Q&A.


The Substitute (23 min)
Filmmaker: Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Nathan Hughes-Berry
Origin: United Kingdom/Canada/Iceland
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: A young teacher takes a job at an unusual private school where she soon discovers the boys have a sinister power over the girls. As the boys’ behavior becomes increasingly threatening, she uncovers the source of fear: an ominous locked door at the back of the classroom.


4pm - 9pm Virtual Reality Film: Across the Line

Filmmakers: Nonny de la Peña, Brad Lichtenstein, and Jeff Fitzsimmons
Origin: USA

Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: This immersive virtual reality experience puts the patient on scene as anti-abortion extremists try to intimidate patients who seek sexual and reproductive health care. Using documentary footage and a montage of real audio, viewers gain an intimate knowledge of the harassment outside and compassion inside health centers across the country. Planned Parenthood is the Executive Producer.

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