2:30pm Shorts Program #3: The Rise and Fall of Kingdoms

Why? (1 min)
Filmmaker: Murat Zherka
Origin: Macedonia
Description: Made by high school students, this film asks, why do humans pollute the environment?

Filmmaker Murat Zherka will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


The Haircut (14 min)
Filmmaker: Alexis Korycinski
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: It’s 1976 and 18-year-old Amy is among the first class of female cadets accepted into military academy. Under incredible emotional and physical strain, Amy struggles to survive her first day, battling vicious sexism, swallowing self-doubt, and fighting to prove she has what it takes.
Dogs are not terrorist (4 min)
Filmmaker: Keivan Majidi
Origin: Iran/Iraq
Premier Status: World Premiere
Description: Dogs are not terrorist is the story of an older woman, a survivor of violence and war. This film provides an insider optic of terrorism, trauma, and loss from within the space vilified by American media.
Little Elephant (5 min)
Filmmaker: Kate Jessop
Origin: United Kingdom
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description: Little Elephant explores the estranged relationship between a father and his gay daughter, now a young mother. What can tomorrow bring? This is the first of two films based on the theme of Love Works, exploring South Asian LGBT relationships in contemporary Britain.
Epiphany (16 min)
Filmmaker: Vlatka Vorkapic
Origin: Croatia
Premier Status: World Premiere
Description: A woman confronts her history of childhood abuse at her mother’s hands in this haunting film, which presents a heavy subject in a delicate way.


The Rise and Fall of Kingdoms (1 min)
Filmmaker: Sarah Oneschuk
Origin: Canada
Description: An experimental film employing notions of the traditionally feminine and the traditional feminine handmade object to investigate notions of the historical self and the responsive nature of time.
Catalyst (15 min)

Filmmaker: Serena Illuminati
Origin: USA
Description: Catalyst is about a revolution for accessible higher education—and queer love. The two main characters are allegories for radicalism and liberalism, embodied as a Latina queer woman and a Jewish lesbian.

Filmmaker Serena Illuminati is a Columbia College Chicago alumna.


A Letter to My Unborn Daughter (5 min)
Filmmaker: DaeQuan Alexander Collier
Origin: USA
Description: A young black man writes a letter to his unborn daughter, and for all the young black girls trying to love themselves in a world that is constantly telling them how they should look.

Filmmaker DaeQuan Alexander Collier will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


Wedlocked (12 min)
Filmmaker: Puppett
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Set before the SCOTUS ruling of June 2015, Wedlocked is a comedy taking on the ridiculous laws that governed gay divorce. Sydney and Cameron are a happily engaged couple looking forward to their big day. There is one obstacle: Sydney is still married to Lisa, and their state won’t recognize their marriage, so a divorce is impossible. Not one to be held back by unfair legislation, Sydney outsmarts the web of laws.

Actress and producer Christine Moore will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


4:15pm Shorts Program #4: The Complexity of Modern Life

Aurelia (10 min)
Filmmaker: Toni Aranda
Origin: Spain
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Aurelia is having a tough time with her ex-husband, and she spends her days looking after a lady with Alzheimer’s. The tragic events which took place in Madrid on March 11, 2004, give her the chance to change everything.
Alex (14 min)
Filmmaker: Laura García
Origin: Spain
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Alex was adopted at birth. Now that she has come of age, her biological mother has
agreed to meet her. She has to choose between letting this opportunity pass or know her mother at last.
My Identity (11 min)
Filmmaker: Yasmin Mistry
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: This documentary looks at how race, religion, and the foster care experience can shape one’s identity. Ashley, a young Native-American woman, converts to Islam in hopes of finding structure in a life where it never existed, but with that decision comes the risk of losing one of the few biological connections she still has.

Assistant Producer Anita Ruth Evans will be available for a post-screening Q & A.

Blame (15 min)
Filmmaker: Kellee Terrell
Origin: USA
Description: Haunted by the ghost of a dead rape victim, a father must decide either to turn his son into the police or delete the only evidence of the assault. While Blame is told through the eyes of a man, this film addresses issues that impact our community: sexual assault, victim blaming, race, and gender.

Filmmaker Kellee Terrell is a Columbia College Chicago alumna, and will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


Counsellor (2 min)
Filmmaker: Venetia Taylor
Origin: Australia
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Counsellor is a very short comedy about regret.
Needles and Haystacks (4 min)
Filmmaker: Azim Moollan
Origin: Mauritius
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: A memorable and poignant experimental film, Needles and Haystacks is an introspection into a woman’s state of mind as she struggles with her life, past and present.
Dian (19 min)
Filmmaker: Tamara Shogaolu
Origin: Indonesia
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description: When Dian is unable to bear Arief children, his parents arrange for him to take on a second wife. Desperate, Dian seeks the help of a powerful Shaman in hopes that he can help her get pregnant. The Shaman refuses to help. Left with no options, Dian steals an object powered by dark magic, which ultimately leads to the truth that frees her.

Dian Poster upload

6pm Shorts Program #5: I Am Me

Sock Puppet (3 min)
Filmmaker: Naomi Fearn and Marc Seestaedt
Origin: Germany
Description: A delightful ode to lesbian love, sock puppets, and fisting. Based on true events.
God’s Mistake (23 min)
Filmmaker: Eva Matarranz and Anna Savchenko
Origin: Slovenia
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: A compelling documentary portrait of Salomé, a transgender woman in a post-socialist country. Psychiatrics’ threats, military service, school, mother, or religion didn’t bridle Salomé’s conviction to be born in the wrong body.
Coming Full Circle (2 min)
Filmmaker: Kim Yaged
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: What’s all the fuss over dating a stripper? One word—sex. So, if you have access to the information, you want details. Jyl delivers—waterbeds, sex toys, motion sickness wristbands, and all. Coming Full Circle is the second animated short based on the play Hypocrites & Strippers, a comedy about a feminist who keeps dating strippers.


Pifuskin (4 min)
Filmmaker: Tan Wei Keong
Origin: Singapore
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Pifuskin is an experimental film about the transient and temperamental nature of the human body. And more so, it’s an observation on filmmaker Tan Wei Keong’s body’s migration to an alien land, moving in with the person who would become his husband, and starting from scratch.
Sterile (7 min)
Film maker: Matthew Klein
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Sterile sheds light on a forgotten piece of the United States’ history via Donna, who fights to prove the horrific wrong the Eugenics Board of North Carolina did to her in 1968. In the US, proponents of eugenics convinced over 30 state governments to create forced sterilization laws, with their primary targets being African and Native American women who were sterilized against their will, and often without their knowledge. Sterile focuses on the effects of forced sterilization both in the 1960s and the present.

Filmmaker Matthew Klein will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


Pulling Up Roots (8 min)
Film maker: Cecelia Condit,
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Pulling Up Roots is the emotional journey of a woman navigating the tenuous strain between the past and the future. Filmed in an abandoned housing project in Western Ireland, she uproots exotic plants and flowers, as one might collect stories and memories one can’t understand.
Tita Turns 100 (16 min)
Film maker: Elio Leturia
Origin: USA
Premier Status: World Premiere
Description: Tita Turns 100 is a touching documentary about a woman who lived a long and fascinating life. Tita, a double immigrant, born and raised in Spain, moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina at 17, and then Chicago, USA at age 73 years old.

Filmmaker Elio Leturia is Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago, and will be available for post-screening Q&A.


Bionic Girl (14 min)
Film maker: Stéphanie Cabdevila
Origin: France
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description: Bionic Girl is an incredible sci-fi musical featuring a scientist who creates her own android clone to replace her in the outside world.


8pm Shorts Program #6: In the Friend Zone

Playing Games (6 min)
Filmmaker: Hannah Welever
Origin: USA
Description: Join Kate and Alex on a hectic phone conversation discussing life, love, and what Rabbi Hirsch really thinks about queer hook up culture.

Filmmaker Hannah Welever is a Columbia College Chicago alumna, and will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


Charlotte (11 min)
Filmmaker: Angel Williams
Origin: USA
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Alex, excited to have befriended the popular girl at school, will do anything to stay in her good graces. When her new friend wants to play house, Alex innocently plays along and develops feelings she doesn’t understand.

Filmmaker Angel Williams is a Columbia College Chicago alumna.

LAISA (12 min)
Filmmaker: Carmen Gutiérrez
Origin: Spain
Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: Sonia has just moved to Madrid, and now she’s not letting anything or anyone meddle in her life. Her roommate Laisa, however, is in a very different position.
My Enemy, My Brother (17 min)
Filmmaker: Ann Shin
Origin: Canada
Description: Zahed and Najah are two former enemies from the Iran-Iraq War, who become blood brothers for life. Twenty-five years after one saves the other’s life on the battlefield, they meet again by sheer chance in Canada. Considering the recent coverage of the Middle East, this emotional documentary story of Najah and Zahed is a surprising affirmation of humanity that cuts across political borders.

My Enemy My Brother

One Step at a Time: A Story About Women and Shoes (12 min)
Filmmaker: Sandra Ignagni
Origin: Canada
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description: This documentary overturns the stereotype of women’s obsession with shoe consumption and focuses instead on the challenges and successes of four young women pursing careers in the traditionally male-dominated fields of cobbling and shoemaking.


Farewell Scenes (22 min)
Filmmaker: Alina Cyranek
Origin: Germany
Premier Status: US Premiere
Description: This inspiring documentary features Martha, Anneliese, and Esther, each almost 90 years old. Their lifeblood is the theatre, where they play, exercise and laugh. Even though death and farewell, grief and perishability overshadow their daily lives, taking on different roles and having fun motivate them to take an active part in society. They are a perfect antipode to the home-sweet-home granny.

Filmmaker Alina Cyranek will be available for a post-screening Q & A.


2pm - 8:30pm Virtual Reality Film: Across the Line

Filmmakers: Nonny de la Peña, Brad Lichtenstein, and Jeff Fitzsimmons
Origin: USA

Premier Status: Chicago Premiere
Description: This immersive virtual reality experience puts the patient on scene as anti-abortion extremists try to intimidate patients who seek sexual and reproductive health care. Using documentary footage and a montage of real audio, viewers gain an intimate knowledge of the harassment outside and compassion inside health centers across the country. Planned Parenthood is the Executive Producer.

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